Black and white bridesmaid dress ideas

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Can we all agree that black & white will never go out of style? Polka dots, stripes, chevron… it works every time. Paired with neon it’s spunky, next to…

The Forever Couple – Born and Died Together

A Long Beach couple whose children described them as “inseparable” died less than 24 hours apart earlier this month. Helen and Les Brown were sweethearts at Huntington Park High School and eloped in September… Continue reading

Why NOT Designing an Offbeat Wedding Cake ???

  Always thinking about having a lovely wedding cake on the Day.  I don’t like the green and pink flowers around the cake, I need a lovely one that can make me feel… Continue reading

Time to Check Your Photographer’s Expertise

  When I asked my friends how they choose their photographers, they answered  me the same: personality check, because it is important to make sure he/she can get along with my family or… Continue reading

Wedding Hadouken Style

There are some hadouken style of wedding photography you can try. It is a good excuse to “beat” your fiancee ~~OR… you can tell you are going to love her long long time.… Continue reading

How NOT to Choose Your Wedding Photographer

If you’re planning a wedding, you’ve probably heard this one or twenty times already: After the cake is cut, the flowers are wilted and the last favor has been stuffed into your Aunt… Continue reading

The Proposal You Have to Watch – #1 Movie Trailer Proposal

Some of you may think it old school to ask the father of the bride for permission to marry his daughter, but when you think about it, nothing says “I respect the future… Continue reading


This was burning the Web like no other proposal but if you haven’t seen it yet, let’s just say that you are going to enjoy this proposal even if you aren’t the girl. It was… Continue reading

The Proposal Video You Have to Watch – #3 Marry Me Mural

          You know how it is when kids ask their dads about how he proposed to their moms? Was it romantic, was it interesting, was it plastered all over… Continue reading

#4 The Lovely Proposal Stories —– Skyscraper Proposal

  As the title suggests, there was a skyscraper involved. But the proposal wasn’t a billboard or a banner (that would be boring). This one is more high-tech, but it doesn’t diminish the… Continue reading