Your Lovely Vintage Wedding – Part One



This will be the beginning of the story, if you like the following 🙂


“Life is the most spectacular show on earth” –Water for Elephants

Things that dangle, twirl and twinkle

Darby from Studio Be Salon mentioned that her inspiration came from the film, Water for Elephants, and we would say that the protagonist, Jacob’s, statement “I don’t know if I picked that circus. But something told me that circus picked me,” fits along with what Kaila fromInspired Vintage Rentals said about her journey to this extraordinary style shoot.




“I had been dreaming of a circus shoot for quite some time. I was hoping that one of our brides this summer just might want to head in that direction! I had talked with lace and lilies about my love for everything circus themed and they were right there with me! Fun talk. A few weeks later, they came to me saying Harper Point was onboard and would Inspired vintage rentals be interested in teaming up with them?! Of course, we said yes!”

So then where to next? Do they go with cliché campy circus, a darker more sinister style, or vintage reminisces of a time much slower and a bit more glamorous in appearance?


“After meeting with lace and lilies, it became apparent that this shoot would be unique, colorful and something the world has not yet seen before! We dug through our inventory looking for the pieces that would match the style and give it that sense of edge everyone was looking for. I think we hit a home run. We were able to use pieces that aren’t your everyday vintage pieces-they made statements.” Circus1c

Things that smell good

We here at lace.and.lilies collaborated with Harper Point and decided it was time to go “freak show!”  We wanted to do a high fashion styled shoot that had elements that were relatable to the industry as well as never seen before.  Umbrellas, a donut cake, and flower arrangements all suspending from the ceiling – tattooed women, quirky men, and kids with style!  We got the best of Fort Collins to collaborate their artistic efforts and pulled off the circus of a lifetime!



Photography: Harper Point