Time to Check Your Photographer’s Expertise

photography expertise

photography expertise


When I asked my friends how they choose their photographers, they answered  me the same: personality check, because it is important to make sure he/she can get along with my family or friends, and also because I DON’T KNOW how to check the others.

In order to make a rational decision, here are the hints I think about and hope they work for you as well.


1. Ask what are the different effects among the lens:

Most of the professional photographers are using Canon, Nikon and Pentax series.

2. Understand what is the difference between focal lengths. He/she should know from 10mm to 400mm at least. 


3.  If you are looking for a portrait photographer, one should have a sense of lighting indoors. 


Emhhh, let me take some time to post more if you are interested in.

Let me know your thoughts~