The Proposal You Have to Watch – #1 Movie Trailer Proposal

Some of you may think it old school to ask the father of the bride for permission to marry his daughter, but when you think about it, nothing says “I respect the future mother of my kids” more than by doing this. Well, Matt took that to heart then took it a little bit further, by turning it into a movie trailer that is screened in actual cinema. Grab some popcorn.



What Happened:

Ginny was taken to the movies by her brother and as usual, cinema-goers are treated with movie trailers for future releases. She sees a movie trailer about a man talking to his future father-in-law to ask for his blessing and his daughter’s hand in marriage.

“It may be old-fashioned, and it might not even be necessary but it is important to me, and I know it is important to your daughter that I do this.” Only after the permission was granted did the camera came into focus to reveal Ginny’s father.

Watch the mother of all proposals here.

But that’s not all, what’s a good movie without some action and humor? Matt proceeds to get in a car and speeds towards the cinema, stopping to get popcorn, then bursts dramatically into the theatre Ginny is in. And the camera cuts to live action. Matt gets to where Ginny is, gets down on one knee, proposes, and Ginny says Yes! And get this, Matt and Ginny are now parents to… yup, a beautiful baby girl.