3 Must-do Steps to Evaluate a Wedding Photographer

I have talked with a lot of brides and grooms about their experience of finding a wedding photographer. 80% of them just met and booked, and even after their wedding, they were still not sure whether they have found a right photographer…..

I totally understand them, because they were totally green hands, if fortunately. Thus, in order to let more bridegrooms like you to save time and $$ money, here are some hints for you before your wedding photographer search

how to find a right photographer for my California wedding

how to find a right photographer for my California wedding


1. The Photographer’s Presence

It is wise to search a photographer after booking your venue. Try search by the keywords of the “venue name” and “wedding photographer” to get inspired from Google and other search engines. You can get a sense of their styles within a specific location and know where you can find them (by the link)

2.  Visit Photographer’s Portfolio Website

Many of you will do it for sure, but not everyone knows how to find out the most important messages from the website. The price/investment is important, but actually it changes over time, and you never know the real price until you talk with them individually. So what you shall check on their website are:

  • Check at least three full sets of weddings of his/hers, instead of the selection. You need make sure the photographer is able to keep the skill consistent  and they can collaborate with the bridegrooms well.
  • View the reviews/testimonial from the others. Yes, I confess the reviews on Yelp, theKnot or WeddingWire, sometimes are not authentic so that you think they are meaningless. But thinking empathically, you will gradually figure out who is telling you the truth. Besides, if the photographer uses a lot of fake reviews, to some extent, you will also know he/she may not be a good fit to you, right?
  • Take a look at his/her philosophy. You need find someone who share the common views with you, and can understand which moments are the most important to you. Sometimes, it is very hard to find them online, but you still can get some hint from their “about me” or “my philosophy”. Don’t be lazy to ignore the part, and you will save a lot time and avoid some meaningless meeting with those strange photographers.
Search a wedding photographer, vendor evaluation

Search a wedding photographer, vendor evaluation

3.  Send Photographer an Email

You need a wedding photographer who understand you and care you. Send him or her an email and check whether you will get replied quickly. If I were you, even I admire the photographer’s work so much, if he or she doesn’t reply quickly (within 2 days), I think I will either not be taken care of on my wedding day.

Find a wedding photographer is hard but delightful

Find a wedding photographer is hard but delightful

Trust me, choosing a wedding photographer is in many ways like choosing a mate. Find someone who moves you, someone who speaks your language. Ask questions, express your desires and most important, follow your heart. Luckily, when you find the right wedding photographer — just like a good life partner — you need only one.

Good luck, and feel free to ask any follow-up question to me.